Friday, February 10, 2017

Friday, February 10

Short class due to weather delay.
Reminder on Blizzard Bag #3:AP Multiple Choice Questions should be complete.  We will be reviewing them on MONDAY owing to today's short class.
Checked progress on Blizzard Bag #4: To read and annotate the introduction and opening chapter of Richard Louv's The Nature Principle.

Assigned Homework for Tuesday: Read and annotate the excerpt from Terry Tempest Williams' Refuge: an Unnatural History of Family and Place. Note similarities and differences to Thoreau, and read in light of question of how man should relate to nature and to what degree simplifying our lives is necessary or desirable.

Be prepared to discuss Refuge along with "Spring" and "Conclusion" with your group by Tuesday, as homework if there is no snow day.

Spin off groups discussed The Nature Principle as well as "Former Inhabitants," "Winter Animals," and "The Pond in Winter."

THURSDAY, February 8: "Former Inhabitants," "Winter Animals," and "The Pond in Winter" are due with a "pot luck task" for discussion in your spin off groups. (This date will be pushed back by a day if there is a snow day tomorrow.)
MONDAY, February 10: Sample AP Multiple choice questions for review in class.
TUESDAY, February 11: "Spring" and "Conclusion" AND the passage from Refuge are due with a  last "pot luck task" for discussion in your regular groups.

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