Friday, September 9, 2016

Friday, September 9

Discussed the Common Application essay questions and length requirements.
Read and annotated the successful student essay, "Growing Strawberries in a Locker."
Discussed its diction, imagery, use of detail and contrast, as well as strategies used to communicate both the student's talent and that he is not self-absorbed or boastful.

Introduced a 1-2-3 formula for drafting a short, anecdotal memoir:
  • Begin with a memory: In media res with sensory detail... OR begin with a surprise.
  • Flashback for context
  • Wrap up with meaning/link to the prompt. (Tie to title or opening?  A twist at the end?)


FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 16: Bedford Reader Chapter 1 vocabulary quiz.
FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 23: Word Power vocabulary Quiz.

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